How to Be a Glamorous Wife

  1. Wear colors that are bright and flattering.

woman in red

Michelle Obama has grasped the attention of the nation while she is sensitive and intelligent she also is so cultivated and has an amazing style sense. Her best advice to give? Make sure you have a bright color that pops out at someone. If you are not sure which color to go with start with something bold maybe a sweater that with a tanktop underneath or maybe even a dress that are a very light color with an accesorised belt.


  1. Red lipstick has to be your signature.


If you feel discouraged with your beauty regimen then that red lipstick will pull you up. Gwen Stefani actually pulls off lipstick quite well and usually all the time and has shown girls across the world you do not need to dressed up in a fancy expensive dress to pull of the red. Sometimes if you wear are bold red with a pair of denim and a over sized shirt you look so much better than you would have with a dress. Trust us when we tell you there is a variety of different shades of red for every woman’s “ideal” color choice.


  1. Skip the trend and fill your closet with oldies.


Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who is the first lady residing in France has run a runway in Europe many times in the 90s and can teach you one thing or another. She is the image of sophistication and grace and chooses many different dresses such as a strapless dress with a jacket to accessorize. Oldies will never deter you.


  1. Whatever works for you; flaunt it!


A lot of people seem to think that a ginger can not wear a coral colored lippy or scarlet colored clothes of sorts. Amy Adams have come out and completely blew that theory out of the water by doing all of those things at the Oscars. If you go to a beauty store that is located near you, they will tell you what colors actually work with your skin tone.


  1. Jewelry is a must.

beautiful girl with jewelries

All you need most of the time is a piece of jewelry to complement your outfit. Beyonce does not usually walk the red carpet without having some kind of popping jewelry on which usually is a pair of ginormous earrings. You could rock this look with something as simple as a sweatshirt and denim and every one would be gawking at you.


  1.  Be confident


Blake Lively illuminates herself and shows her confidence wherever she is photographed. She has a trick up her sleeve that helps that along. Teach yourself the poses you need to compliment your form and angles. If need be go stand in front of a mirror and practice daily. Take a lot of pictures and practice that way also. Then you can show off all you have taught yourself to your peers.


  1. Sparkles, sparkles, and more sparkles.


You may not be some famous country star with a million grammy awards but this does not make you any less able to be able to show off with some glitter and glam every once in a blue moon. Taylor swift always has something sparkly around or on. Which makes her turn so many heads. Maybe if you do not want a bold look just wear a small amount of jewelry with some sequins.


  1. Be funny.


Tina Fey’s funny personality has earned her so many different awards and so many great pieces of feedback from others and she has been deemed in her generation the Hottest woman. You have to make people belly roar.


  1. Play around with makeup

Rihanna never has a boring look about her when it is pertaining to makeup. Without any issues or insecurities rising makeup is another way to make you stay in the spotlight. Be funky and weird and use fake eyelashes or maybe a crazy color of eye powder or maybe even wear a big wig with crazy pieces on it, you can not be boring when it comes to beautifying yourself. The best part? If the makeup looks horrible clean your face up!