Housewife Tips

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a challenge, but now, with these handy housewife tips you too can wait longer between your regular deep cleans.


Although following these hints isn’t quite the same as performing a complete house clean, if you carry them out every day you may not have to do a full weekly clean. Even better, you don’t have to do all of these tasks on your own – get your children to pitch in and do their share now and when they grow up, they’ll know just how to keep their own home spick and span.


Make The Beds

Woman Making Bed


Your bed will be the biggest piece of furniture in your room, and if it isn’t made properly, your whole room will look messy. Tucking in sheets can be a chore, so why not swap for a duvet that has a removable cover which can be washed every week? All you need to do is pull it over your bed and the task is complete! Not convinced? Discover how making your bed each day will improve your life.


Empty Your Dishwasher Every Morning


Emptying your dishwasher is a surprisingly quick task to complete – in fact even a full machine will only take around 5 minutes to empty. Fit it in while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or while your children are dressing for school. If your dishwasher is already empty by the end of breakfast time, you can load it straight away and have an empty sink all day long.


Clean Up After Food Preparation

hands with sponge washing dishes in kitchen sink Mindfully washing dishes can be good for you.


If you leave pots, pans and spillages all over your counters after preparing a snack or a meal your kitchen is going to look a mess. Now you have an empty dishwasher, put in all of your dishes as soon as you’ve eaten and immediately wipe down all surfaces with and all purpose homemade cleaning solution.


Do Laundry Every Day


Laundry can be a real pain, so don’t waste your weekend doing lots of large loads. Instead, do a small load each day and spread out the task. Choose a laundry hamper that lets your sort your clothes into types and then wash whichever basket has the most laundry in it. There’s no need to worry about mildew either as you can simply select the delayed start function on your washing machine to time your laundry to finish just as you arrive home, and that way, you can just put it straight into the dryer.


Wipe Down Faucets And Sinks


Your bathroom is going to look dirty if the sink is full of hair and splatters of toothpaste. Your kitchen will be just as bad if you leave food spills in your sink. Every morning before you leave the house, use a homemade disinfecting wipe or a homemade cleaning spray on a microfiber cloth to wipe around your kitchen and bathroom faucets and sinks, leaving them clean and hygienic all day.


Recycle And Sort Paper Immediately


Don’t let old mail and papers pile up on your countertops – just deal with it straight away. Put any junk mail straight into the shredder then put all of your important letters and bills together in a mail sorter to tackle as soon as possible.


Put Down Door Mats

Of course it’s best to get every family member to take off their shoes when they enter your house as this will cut the amount of dust in your home hugely, but if you can’t persuade them that this is a good idea, putting down mats both inside and outside every exterior door will help to stop a lot of dirt from entering your home. All you need to do then is to shake out or vacuum the mats every couple of days.