The Best Steam Cleaner for Your Home

Prior to purchasing the best steam cleaner for your home, the million-dollar question you should ask yourself is, “should I pick a handheld model or a steam mop?”


Largely, a steam mop is handy for cleaning hard floors. It is an amazing way to ensure your floor remains in tip-top condition. A handheld model, on the other hand, brings with it a stronger jetsteam and more accessories so that you’re able to clean everything from windows and ovens to tiles. Handheld models are effective even where larger models would not work, including cupboards and bins.


Additionally, steam cleaners are exceptional for pet owners and on germs. Steam is great at killing most germs. It gets rid of dust mites, fleas and an array of other nasties as well.


That being said, let us now look at the best steam cleaner for your home in 2016:


#1. The Homegear X100 Steam Cleaner


Your home will always look and feel clean with the Homegear X100 Steam Cleaner. This unit has been built with a whopping 1,500 watts of power, while at the same time guaranteeing protection from overheating. It brings with it a 1.5m hose, cotton cleaning pad and a microfiber chenille cleaning pad. The accessories and attachments of this unit keep on coming. Expect 14 more upon purchase. Each of the extras has something unique to offer in the set up. Their combination makes cleaning effective and effortless.


#2. The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

dupray-tosca steamcleaner

The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner offers a completely new way to sanitize, degrease, and clean any surface, devoid of toxic chemicals. This cleaner is effective on any sanitation or cleaning job, regardless of the surface. It excels at getting rid of stains, grease, and dirt, while eliminating 99.9% of mold, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, or any other detrimental filth from your bathroom, car interiors, kitchen equipment, toys, furniture, and floors. It is incredibly designed for durability and ease of use. The unit certainly delivers the cleaning prowess of a professional machine. A great attribute about this unit is the fact that it brings with it a digital interface, which displays active temperature and pressure. The display also reminds you whenever it’s time for a real time boiler maintenance.


#3. The STX International Mega-Steam Cleaner


Have you been looking for the best unit to clean grime, grease, and dirt from any surface without the hazardous and harsh chemicals that might harm you and cause allergies? If yes, then look no further than the STX International Mega-Steam cleaner. You can use this steam cleaner for your everyday household cleaning, disinfecting compatible surfaces, and sanitizing. It is impeccable when it comes to cleaning grout and tile. With its steam vapor at more than 215 degrees Fahrenheit, you are sure that it will get rid of harmful mildew, mold, and bacteria. You can also use it to steam clean stable items such as stuffed animals, diaper changing stations and children’s toys. Use the cleaner today and offer a healthier and hygienic living environment for your entire family.


#4. The Ewbank Steam Dynamo Steam Cleaner


The Ewbank Steam Dynamo Steam Cleaner effortlessly and powerfully cuts through stubborn stains, mold, dirt, and grease with its impressive 1500-watt steam boiler. It features an array of attachments that make it an important item for ceiling to floor cleaning throughout your home including windows, bathrooms, and kitchens. This lightweight and small cleaner has a 50 fluid-ounce water tank that offers at least 45 minutes in terms of steam cleaning. The fact that it is environmentally friendly is a big plus. It disinfects using only water without needing any chemicals.


#5. The Steam Dynamo Cleaner


Steam your way to a healthy and cleaner living space with the impressive Steam Dynamo Cleaner. It weighs a paltry 13 pounds. You can buy it in an array of attachments. The appliance makes cleaning of any room not only convenient but also quick. Its power cord reaches 8 feet while the hose stands at 6 feet. With such a combination, you’ll surely be able to maneuver effortlessly around your house. There is no doubt about that. The fact that it features an array of attachments means that you can handle several jobs at a go without any stress.




Steam cleaners normally heat up water in order to produce steam so as to clean floors or surfaces at high pressure. The main idea behind the way they work is that they shift grease and dirt, on top of killing bacteria efficiently and fast. As much as the market does not lack a variety of models, relatively a few of the available ones deliver on their promises. This makes it quite challenging to know the exact one to settle for.

To be on the safe side, you need to work out all your cleaning needs prior to checking them against the attachments list of every unit. For instance, to clean glass, you’ll need a squeegee – for grout, you’ll need a scrubbing brush. You also need to look into steaming as well as heat time. Some are ready to use within 20 seconds while others can range from ten minutes to roughly one hour. Whether you want to clean your kitchen floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles, wooden floors, sofas or carpets, choose from any of the above best steam cleaner for your home.

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